Patch Test Directions

Prior to application, a preliminary patch test should be conducted.

The following patch test must be made 48 hours prior to each application.

  1. With soap and water, wash an area the size of a circle 1” in diameter (2.54 cm) in the bend of the elbow or behind either ear, touching the hairline.
  2. Pat area dry with absorbent cotton.
  3. Apply a small amount of color to test area, using an absorbent cotton-tipped applicator.
  4. Let test spot dry. Do not wash, cover, or disturb.
  5. Leave on for 48 hours. Examine at 24 and 48 hours. If no reaction has occurred, you are ready to color.

Do not use hair color if any of these danger signs appear: burning, itching, swelling, eruption, or irritation. If these signs appear in or around the test area, it indicates that the patron is hypersensitive and color must not be applied.